Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress

Your purchase includes:

  • Booked Adds-Ons (included):
  • Payments with Woo Commerce- It permit your audience to purchase their appointment and Checkout using Woo Commerce.
  • Front-End Agents- It will provide your booking Agents with new profile Screen on the front-end that permit them to manage their incoming appointment requests.
  • Calendar Feeds- It Display your appointments on Apple Calendar, outlook with an iCal feed directly from your site.
  • Support(6 months included) – Considering support is an important as the plugin itself. Though, If you run into problem, you can submit a ticket. We’ll back to you as soon as possible (usually within 6 hours) or you can extend it to 12 months at a discount when purchasing.
  • Lifetime Updates– Purchasing includes plugin updates for the life of plugin. This means if the plugin is updated with new features next week or two years, you will get updates free of charge.

Booked is simple appointment booking

  • Multiple Calendars and Booking Agents- You can add as many calendars as you need, each with their own time slots and custom fields. then each calendar assigned to a “booking agent” user so they can manage their calendars.Guest Booking- Without registration , you can optionally allow guest to book appointments. However, they need to provide a name and email address to book an appointment.
  • Custom Time Slots- You can use new custom time slots feature to add days that are different than the norm. Similarly, they can leave out default time slots and add a complete custom calendar.
  • Endless Color Possibilities- To make your calendars as you want, You can use Built-in color pickers.
  • Custom Fields- You can get any information for each appointment by creating your own custom appointment. On the other hand, you can create text fields, paragraph fields,drop downs,check-boxes and radio buttons Which are marked as required.
  • Front-End Calendar Short code/Widget- You can display your appointment booking calendar on your site- either large or small as a short code or widget.
  • A Powerful Appointment Management Calendar- You can manage your appointments by just log in. Though, Pending appointments will show up in a list for easy approval.
  • Responsive- The appointment calendar short codes and widgets look great on any sized device.
  • Customer Profile / Appointment Management- Your customer get their own profile page, Where they can manage their avatar, login credentials . better yet, they can manage their pending and approved appointment.
  • A Custom Login/Registration Form- With the use of booked-login short code, you can display a login/registration form anywhere on your site.

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