ConvertPlus-Popup Plugin for WordPress

ConvertPlus-Popup Plugin for WordPress

ConvertPlus-Popup Plugin for WordPress generates more leads and get more email subscribers. ConvertPlus has a variety of elements like the slide in popups, model popups, scroll boxes, inline forms, sticky notification bar and more. Without coding and follow the few steps, you can implement ConvertPlus easily on your site.

Key Features of ConvertPlus-Popup Plugin for WordPress

  • Get More Email subscriptions
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Increase Social Following & Shares
  • Promote Special Products & Deals
  • Convert Abandoning Visitors into Customers
  • Conversion Optimization & Email List Building
  • Model Pop-up.
  • Use advanced lightbox overlays with exit intent.
  • 2 Step Opt-ins and after scroll triggers.
  • Widget Box
  • Add opt-in form in your sidebar or any other widget area, further AB test your message.
  • Inline forms
  • Embed opt-in forms below your header, inside a post, after a post or anywhere on the website using a shortcode.
  • Info Bar
  • You can also add an info bar to your website at the top or bottom of the screen with Google and sticky options.
  • Slide in
  • Use an extremely polite and effective opt-in form which slides into view from corners of the screen.
  • Content Locker
  • Option to lock your content to drive more social likes, shares and email subscribers before visitor gets access your premium content.
  • Model Full Screen
  • Grab your visitors attention with full-screen overlay to amplify your call to action and maximize conversions.
  • Multiple Fields
  • Easy form builder to build opt-in form with multiple fields of your choice.
  • Video Popups
  • Show video content to visitors within the pop up accompanied by call to action or subscription form.
  • Social shares and likes
  • Extraordinary feature that generates fore social followers and shares utilizing triggers.
  • Mobile Specific Popups
  • Target your mobile audience for the mobile-specific campaign

Powerfull and Exclusive List-Building Features

  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Recover abandoning visitors and turn them into subscriber and customers.
  • Show customized and targeted offers at the precise moment when visitor is about to leave your website.
  • Two Step Opt-ins
  • Utilize the visitor explore action when they click on a link, image or button to display customized offers.
  • This technology is proven to amplify conversion and generate high quality email list.
  • After scroll TIgger
  • Use advanced scroll trigger when visitor have reached a defined percentage of your web page.
  • Give your visitors the next thing to do when they finish reading your page, article or blog post.
  • Well timed trigger
  • Using time delay triggers you can also control the timing of your offer to find and set the best timing visitor require to get familiar and comfortable with your website.
  • User inactivity
  • Re-engage inactive visitors with interactive popups offering useful follow-up information, guides or drive them to newly introduced content of your website.
  • Page Level Targeting
  • Similarly, Target Specific segments of your website visitor’s based on posts, pages or categories they are interacting with.
  • Fine tune your offers making them more relevant to meet their needs.
  • Repetition Control
  • Unique functionality also allows you to set frequency and unique views of your op-in forms. As a result, offers and messages to zero out the annoyance and make your campaigns highly effective.

More Features of ConvertPlus-Popup Plugin for WordPress

  • Referral Detection
  • Referral detection technology also allows you to customize your campaign based on the domain a visitor is coming from.
  • Create unique and engaging experiences displaying personalized offers and messages.
  • New vs Old visitors
  • Simply tailor your offerings to new returning and logged-in visitors differently.
  • Make your new visitor come back to you, engage more loyal visitors and build strong ongoing relationships.
  • Import and Export
  • Design one for countless sites! Similarly, With the import and export functionality, you can also design and use a sing opt-in form for multiple websites.

User Reviews of ConvertPlus-Popup Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is easy to use and setup. I feel it’s one of the easiest one to setup and get up and running out of everything out there


Provides easy to use options and extensive functionality that meets the needs of most marketers.


Doesn’t work with elementor. (CSS class)
I installed the plugin in a pre-prod environment, now I have to pay another license for the live version of my website.


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