Eventon Calendar

EventOn-WordPress Event Calender Plugin

EventOn-WordPress Event Calendar Plugin is a calendar based plugin. Without any knowledge of web code or programming, you can also manage all of your events in the calendar.

Key Features of EventOn-WordPress Event Calender Plugin

  • Unique Shortcode Generator
  • Comes with interactive shortcode generator that makes it super easy to customize calendar options.
  • Various Repeating Event Options.
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, repeat by days of week or custom repeat schedule can be easy for events to repeat.
  • Add Event Images
  • Set featured images for event easily and have those show in event card or on event top rows.
  • Expandable Details.
  • You can also show an excerpt of the event with the faded teaser of full description where users can see complete details.
  • Location of Maps & Directions.
  • EventOn uses google maps to display event locations and directions.
  • Multi-Day Events: You can create events that last more than one day.
  • Add events to User Calendars.
  • Your visitors can add events to their Google calendar or download.
  • Ics to add iCal, outlook and others.
  • Event Categories.
  • Assign events up to 5 category types create calendars that show only certain category term type events.
  • Custom Meta Fields.
  • You can add up to 10 custom event data fields with pluggable extension with various content types.
  • Filter & Sort Events
  • Similarly, Visitors can easily filter and short events to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Font Awesome Icons.
  • You can customize all the calendar icons using supported font awesome retina icons also.
  • Custom Time Format.
  • You can also easily change the date and time format of events to the desired format universally.
  • Social Share Icons Support all major social share sites plus send via email.
  • User Interactions
  • Events can be opened as slide down in page lightbox, single event page or do nothing
  • Add Event Organizer
  • Organizers for events along with their information and image can also reuse among other events.
  • Event Colors
  • Colourize events individually or by event type to make them stand out.

More Features of EventOn-WordPress Event Calender Plugin

  • RTL Support.
  • EventON frontend calendar support right to left text for those languages that require this.
  • Appearance Editor
  • Fast easy appearance editor allows you to customize the look event on the calendar to match your website styles.
  • Organize Event Data
  • EventON frontend calendar also supports the right to left those languages that require this.
  • Events at Locations
  • Location archive pages allow the user to see all the events taking place in one location
  • Span Event Till End Time.
  • You can span an event till end time while hiding the event end time. Especially for overnight end times.
  • Feature Events
  • You can feature events to show above others and add special styles to make them stand out.
  • Hide Past Events
  • Don’t show the past event, eventon can also hide all past events from showing on calendars.
  • Delete Past Events.
  • Not just hide, but you can automatically set to delete all the past events to keep things clean and up to date.
  • Search Events
  • viewers can search and find events with build in search bar with optional advanced search.
  • ICS All Events
  • Allow viewers to download all events as ICS file that can be imported to outlook and iCal.

That is not it !eventon comes with ton of more great features!

  • Event Lists: create event lists separated by months, hide past events from event list or show all events without month separations.
  • Tiled Event List: Using the design you can create event lists for multiple months to show events as tiles with event feature images.
  • Event Card and Single Event Page: Event card with all the event details can be set to open as a lightbox window, slideDown or as single event page from a calendar. Each data row can be enabled, disabled and re-arranged to your desired look.

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