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Layer Slider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Layer Slider is the ultimate solution to create professional sliders, slideshow or animated content. You can explore all the power and flexibility of layer slider.

Layer Slider is a layer image slider plugin to create a responsive slider with image and text layer. It is an animation platform where you can able to do multiple tasks.

Basic features

It is fast and easy to use with drag and drop, undo-redo, multi select layers, resizable with rulers & guides, keyboard shortcuts, image editor powered b Adobe Creative Cloud and more…

  • Single Image Layer
  • Background Image Option for Each Slide
  • Responsive Slider
  • Multi Text Layer
  • Text Custom Setting
  • Image Layer Custom Setting
  • More Animation Effects Settings
  • Create Unlimited Slider
  • Layer Slider Custom CSS

New Animation Engine with Stunning Effects

You can animate everything. More than 200 predefined slide transitions, parallax, even in 3D and Ken Burns effect. Similarly, hover loop & multi-step animations. Similarly, playByyScrool & timelines, filters & layer masks, random & cycle properties, animate colors & common CSS properties, Static Layers & pop-out of slider effects.

Premium Slider Templates

You can use professional needs (e.g. slideshow of family photos), professional business website, presentation of your creative work. Likewise, retail and commercial purposes or even for ads on billboards.

Perfect Fit

It is responsive on all of your devices. It has additional features include full width, full size, hero sence and full screen sliders, looks and works perfectly on every device alternative device-specific layouts in the same slider. Likewise, 18 skins, theming options, customization options and many more.


It is also compatible with all popular browsers. SEO friendly & localization ready. Similarly, Retina and hi-res ready. Using cutting edge technologies. Tested on a variety of devices. Optimizations for mobile devices.

Great Supports

You can receive lifetime updates. Nice documentation with clear language. Online assets such as FAQs and Knowledgebase. Provide installation and configuration supports from a dedicated

User Review

Nicely built product. Easy to learn and solid perfomer. The templates allow one to figure out features quickly. So that they can be customised to what you need from the system.


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