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Master Slider – Touch Layer Slider WordPress Plugin

Master Slider is a WordPress Plugin which enables you to create slider using image and content with smooth transitions. Master Slider has touch navigation features with a swipe gesture. It is also responsive to all the major devices.

  • The Most Complete Collection of Pre-builtSlider Templates for Any Purposes
  • 70+ Pre-built Sliders.
  • Master Slider is a WordPress Plugin.
  • 70+ Pre built Sliders.

Master of Video Sliders

  • Comes with easy customization (Youtube, Vimeo, Local Video)
  • Align the Objects: Align in any format you need by one click.
  • Snap to other Elements: Snap elements into correct positions
  • Visual Style Editor : No need to code for styling (Preset Transitions, Instant Preview, Completely Visual Editor)
  • Visual Composer Integrated: Frontend and Backend Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Members Plugin Integrated
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Multisite
  • Import and Export

Create Slider from any Post Type

With live filter options based on category, tag or any custom taxonomy, Using post content, meta data and template tags in layers and slide info.

  • Load and Display Galleries from Popular Services: Facebook and Flicker
  • Woo Commerce Product Slider
  • Parallax Effect : Simple and Easy to Use Parallax Transition
  • It’s Easy to Display Image Galleries as Slider
  • Frontend and Backend Drag and Drop Page Builder

Slider Features


  • Adaps to any screen size (feel free to resize the browser). So the slider always works and looks great on all touch devices, laptops and desktop screens.

Touch Swipe Navigation

  • Touch and mouse swiping is fully supported by Master Slider. Similarly, It supports swipe navigation for slides, thumbnails and tabs in vertical and horizontal directions.

Animated Layers

  • You can also easily add images, html formatted texts and video layers over each slider and each layer accepts unique animation parameters: animation effect, duration, delay, etc.

Templates & Read to Use Samples

  • Sample files and starter templates are included which can be customized easily and can help you figure out your slider faster.

6 Interactive Transtions

  • This slider supports six super smooth hardware accelerated and unique transitions to change slides, you can find a sample of each in template demos.


  • The Slider Gives you the option of adding hotspots to each slide, to show the related tooltip while mouse is over that hotspot, tooltip accepts html content as well as images in any sizes.

Thumbs and Tabs

  • You can add thumbnail images or html contents to each slide that appears on a list, in vertical or horizontal direction. You can also navigate through the list b touch, mouse swiping or the mouse wheel.

Smart Preloading

  • This slider gives you three options for image preloading. Preload all images before initializing, instant initialize then loads images in sequence, and loads nearby slides of current slide.


  • youtube and Vimeo are supported as well as custom iframe. So videos from various sharing services, such as could be played.

Flicker Plugin

  • With FLicker Plugin you can add your Flicker images (latest images or a photoset) to the slider, with options to insert Flicker author name, image title and image description as a text layer over slides.


  • It works with any size of image. It supports five image alignment methods(fill, fit,stretch,center,and tile) you can insert multiple instances of slider in any size into your page.

Cross Browser

  • Master Slider works perfectly on major types of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8+ and Opera.

SEO Friendly

  • This slider is SEO friendly. You can also use any type of html element(heading, paragraph, list,….) in slide markup. They will be visible to search engines.

Fully Customizable

  • Each Part of the slider can be changed easily. You will find 15+ ready to use skin files in download package, also more than 20 javascript options are avaliable to customize your slider.

User Reviews

The interface can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but this is the most flexible slider plugin I’ve seen. One of the perks about it is that the slider can fit to the screen’s width without changing its height per slide or cutting off important text on the slide. Videos can be used as background, text can be laid over the top. I have been using slider in my web design for the last ten years, and I have never found a plugin that beats this one.


Very well documented which helped me to create video slider as per my requirement, also the great customer support.


Awesome, I don’t know how to express myself but it is the most complete slider plugin I have seen both for WordPress and non WordPress sites. Master slider is awesome!

Touch Swipe Navigation : Touch and mouse swiping is fully supported by Master Slider. It supports swipe navigation for slides, thumbnails and tabs in vertical and horizon directions.


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