Appointment Booking

Bookly PRO- Appointment Booking and Scheduling

The Bookly PRO plugin is online booking & scheduling with automated. It is very popular because without any coade you can easily handle it. Bookly PRO- Appointment Booking and Scheduling is fully customizable to any devices for online payments, Google Calendar sync, and notification. So, you can Save Time, Save Money, Save Faces.

Try Bookly and add-on in your personal Sandbox

  • Configure Bookly and Add-ons in live environment
  • Pick the right Bookly add-ons to fulfill your business needs
  • Make sure that it fits your business needs.
  • Make sure that it fits your business risk-fee
  • Customer Support
  • Mobile optimization
  • Seamless mobile integration lets your clients book on the o whenever they are.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Admin Panel for Easy WP Setup.
  • Mobile Friendly Backend so you can manage your business on the go.
  • Easy Translation Setup for any language. (10 languages included)
  • Easy Integration with Many Payment System (Add-ONS Required)
  • Google Calendar and Woocommerce also integration.
  • Unique colour can be apply
  • Services can group into categories also.
  • Import and Export features
  • Email and SMS notification templets can also customizable.
  • Data can be print and can also export into CSV
  • Synchronization between Google Calander and Bookly Calander
  • Integration with PayPal Express Checkout, the completed and pending

Confused about anything?

Have a look at our super-helpful documentation or easy to follow video tutorials. Remember. Support is always hand to help.

  • Detailed Documentation and video academy also available.
  • Developer friendly with well-organized code.
  • Created in line with the MVC paradigm.
  • Including Explainer Comments.

Booking Plugin for WordPress Because:

  • Full customization to make it your own.
  • Fast, helpful support.
  • Add-ons add real value to those who need it.
  • Free Trial.
  • See Bookly in Action.

User Review

Best Booking plugins ever! Love clear design and powerful scheduling capabilities. Lots of additional features available in additional ones to choose from and excellent customer service as usual! Developers really care about customer feedback and implement new features on popular requests keep up the good work


I recently posted a review with 1-star rating about my not implemented request. I was a bit too problems premature with my conclusion about this matter and plugin itself. My request is now available today with by addon(Tasks) and they let me know that asap via mail. Thank you for your work and support. This plugin does now work great with my website.


It is an easy to integrate booking solution and offers all the features that I need. I had to buy the custom fields add-on to have it do exactly what I want and I might need the coupons and a payment add-on later but given its moderate price I think It is a fair deal that you can exactly buy the features that you need and don’t have to pay for the whole shop.

What I would like to see improved is the customization of the front-end and the documentation of how to do it. I will have to contact the support team for helping me with that.
But I don’t worry about that as the support team is really great and worth the five stars.
They are competent, very friendly and have a very good response time. I couldn’t be happier how they handled two technical issues.
If you are satisfied with the features offered then this is a very solid booking plugin that I can highly recommend.


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