Essential Grid

Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugins allows you to built image, video and audio grid galleries from different sources. Similarly, you can use as a source from WP Gallery, Instagram, Youtube, NextGen Gallery, WooCommerce and custom also.

Key Features of Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

  • Set Your Layout: The plugin has three different layouts like Cobbles, Masonry and Even.
  • Columns: You can set column number for desktop and Tablet.
  • Navigation, Filtering & Supporting: You can also filter data in the grid gallery.
  • Choose a Skin: There is a list of grid skin list like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Quincy and more.
  • Visual Skin Editor: Essential Grid also comes with a full-blown, visual skin editor which allows creating any number of additional skins. Similarly, you can also build skins either from scratch or based upon one of our included skins!
  • Developer Tools (Import/Export): WIth Essential Grid, you can also easily Import/Export your grid, skin, metadata for usage in Themes or for easily moving them to another WordPress Installation!

Customer Testimonials for Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

It is such an amazing and powerful way of showing preview content on your website!! The customization and the back office are simply extraordinary !! This should be a standard display and quality for all other plugins ! Nice work and keep updating this baby.


Guys at tech support are wishing to help at any time to fix problems. They will help you also if support license has expired, for instance when the bug/issue affects product usage! Thanks, guys.


WordPress grids will never be the same! This is a solid plugin with a very board set of features and seemingly endless customization options. A very impressive feat for a brand new plugin. Essential Grid sets a new bar by which all others in this category will be measured.


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