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Hide My WP – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

Hide My WP is Top Security Plugin for WordPress. A Long – Awaited Plugin Exclusively on Codecanyon. Intrusion 4 detection system. 5 Introducing Trust Network. Hide the fact you use WordPress for your site .

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Every Single Day New Vulnerabilities Are Revealed

Protect Yourself From Undiscovered Vunerabilities

Using the only Intrusion Detection and Prevention System with customized rules for WordPress.

A Firewall Against Almost Any Attack

SQL Injection



Read Arbitrary Files

Brutal Force

Hide The Fact You Are Using WordPess

Without changing any folder or file structure revert whenever you want.

Hide Names of Themes and Plugins

Hide wp-login

Change WP Premalinks

Hide or Rename wp-admin

Easy to Use

Choose a pre-made settings scheme and it’s done or customize it on the basic of your setup. Update the plugin automatically.

Who Try to Hack You?

  • Value : How they hack you?
  • Page: Using which plugin?
  • Impact : How dangerous is that?
  • IP/Users: Where are they from?


  • Works with Multi-site
  • Apache, Nginx and Windows Server (IIS)
  • Premium and child themes
  • and other security plugins

The Best of Pluin Features

  • Block Direct Access to PHP Files
  • Hide WordPress (Logged Users, Versions, Really Simple Discovery, Comments, Emojicons, and Disable XML-RPC access, Embed scripts, WLW, DB Debug frontend)
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention (Hide the fact that you use WordPress. Use Captcha Protection. Whitelist or Block IPs, Limit Login Attempts)
  • Security Check
  • Hide WP Common Paths ( Hide Common Paths. Custom Paths, SQL Injection Firewall, Hide WordPress HTML Header, Disable Directory Browsing)
  • WordPress Security Check: (Detect security breaches, Take preventive measures against attacks)
  • Activity Log
  • WordPress Tweaks (Disable XML-RPC Access, Hide WP&Pluins Version, Hide WordPress Comments, Hide WordPress for Loged Users, Hide RSD Header)
  • Anti Spam Inculded
  • Clean up WP Classes
  • Disable Directory Listing
  • CSS Minify (2 Different Methods)
  • Change Default Email Sender
  • Minify HTML ( 2 Different Methods)
  • Import/Export Settings

User Review

Wow. One of the best security plugins for WOrdPress. It’s Really Hide your WordPress files and block attackers. I have 2 Licenses and I’ll buy more if I need to. It WOrks great with iThemes Plugin. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work.


I really think you are onto something highly unique with this plugin. For a few years now, I’ve been washing someone could develop something that can help protect files, folder names, etc and you have clearly worked very hard to do just that. Keep up the great work! I look Forward to seeing what else you come up with!


Tish is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made here. Hide MY WP is the rare plugin that does everything it promises and does it well – without adding bloat. Also I don’t believe there is another plugin that performs the same functions and the developer truly cares about his product and his customers, and goes out of the way to provide support. Highly Recommended!


If you are serious about WordPress development, you need to have an excellent security plugin. Not only is this one of the best out there, but their customer support is fantastic. When I had issue with my setup, they were quick to help and got it resolved in a matter of hours.

I would recommend this plugin to my clients.


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