"Top Add-ons Plugins for WordPress"

Top Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

In WordPress plugin market there are many more add ons plugins are available for a different purpose. All of them are best but in this post, the top add-ons plugins for WordPress are selected according to the sells of codecanyon.

1. Ultimate Add-ons for WPBakery Page Builder – Top Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

The Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page builder is a formerly visual composer addons. It is the no1 selling add-on for the visual composer in codecanyon.net. So it is the top Add-ons Plugins for WordPress. The Ultimate Addons comes with some demos. Likewise, ultimate us crafted with the latest HTML5 & CSS3 code and is fully responsive. Similarly, It has parallax and video backgrounds features.

Key Features of Ultimate Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

  • Animation Block
  • Advance Buttons
  • Flip Box
  • Countdown Timer
  • Headings
  • Timeline
  • Google Maps
  • Google Trends
  • Icons
  • Info Box, Circle, List, and Table
  • Interactive Banner
  • Just icon
  • List Icon
  • Modal Box
  • Price Box
  • Counter
  • Carousel / Slider
  • Highlight Box
  • iHover
  • Fancy Text

2. Composium – WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions Addon

Composium – WP Bakery Page Builder Extension Addons is also the popular add-ons for WordPress. It is the visual composer page builder extension addon. Composium has more than 150+ elements. In the same way, you can access to over 4700 different icons and 810 different google fonts. Similarly, you can create reusable templates for visual composer, also allowing you to use visual composer to create content for widget. If you use WooCommerce plugin, you will get even more new elements since visual composer extensions include many dedicated elements just for WooCommerce.

Key Features of Composium Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

  • Responsive design.
  • More than 150 unique elements.
  • More than 4700 different icons.
  • Google font manager.
  • Template + widget builder.
  • Lightbox solution.
  • Modular System.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Clean and efficient code.
  • Google map integration.
  • Circle steps.
  • Timeline with media elements.
  • Page navigator demos.
  • Odometer Counters.
  • Image hotspots.
  • Youtube Playlists.

3. Templatera – Template manager for WPBakery Page Builder

Templatera is a powerful template manager for WordPress. You can create, manage and set control access to your templates based on user roles or post types. It is also the top add-ons plugins for WordPress. In the same way, Templatera is known as a powerful template manager for WPBakery Page builder. The plugin is an addon for WPBakery page builder formerly visual composer.

Templatera – Template manager for WPBakery Page Builder

Key Features of Templatera Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

  • Easy content reuse.
  • Edit content form one place.
  • Control Access.
  • Import and Export.

4. Massive Add-ons for WPBakery Page Builder

Massive add-ons is a top add-ons plugins for WordPress. The add-ons is also for WPBakery page builder. The add-ons compatible more than 99 percent WordPress theme supporting the visual composer 4.7 or later. Likewise, It comes with more than 35-page templates. Similarly, over 1700+ predefined presets also available. More than 70 shortcodes and additions. Likewise, It full supports WooCommerce.

Key Features of Massive Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

  • Works with every WordPress theme
  • More than 70+ Awesome shortcodes.
  • Tones of useful additions.
  • Simple and polished WordPress theme.
  • Unique features, easy mode & presets.
  • Over 1700+ predefined presets.
  • The full power of Massive Add-ons.

5. All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer)

All In One Add ons for WPBakery Page Builder is also the top Add-ons Plugins for WordPress in codecanyon. It is required WPBakery page builder to install and activate for your site. The add ons help you to add a google material style auto delay slider easily. Similarly, it gives the flexibility to add responsive timeline card with image, youtube video or google map, etc. In the same way, It helps you to add Apple TV like 3D tilt hover image with the optional caption below. Similarly, you can add two side by side image with text box, you can add a compare slider with it.

Key Features of All In One Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

  • Timeline Card
  • Material Slider
  • Skew Box
  • Shadow Card
  • Expand Grid
  • iHover
  • Image hotspot with tooltip
  • Flip box
  • Cube box
  • Parallax
  • Draggable timeline
  • Page transition
  • Thumbnail with caption
  • Fullscreen intro
  • Metro carousel and Tile
  • Carousel and Gallery
  • Zoom image
  • Tabs
  • CSS3 Accordion
  • Image and arrow
  • Product cover gallery
  • medium gallery
  • To do list or price table
  • Figure navigation
  • Stack gallery
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Scrolling Notification
  • Direction aware
  • App mockup gallery
  • Font awesome animation
  • And more.

6. Easy Tables – Table Manager for WPBakery Page Builder

Easy Tables Table Manager plugin is add on for WPBakery page builder. It is also the popular add ons item in codecanyon. It creates tables with easy drag and drop interface. Similarly, you can also use predefine styles, add shortcodes and HTML. In the same way, you can feel it like a Excel data sheet.

Key Features of Easy Tables Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

  • Like excel interface
  • You can also add/remove rows and colums in bulk
  • Essential toolbar control
  • You can also add HTML right into table cells
  • 12 table visual themes
  • And more features

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