"Top Social Networking Plugins for WordPress"

Top Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

There are many more social network plugins available in plugin market. Based on the sells of codecanyon, the top social networking plugins for WordPress are listed in this post.

1. Easy Social Share Buttons – Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

Easy social share button adds to your website unique. Similarly, it makes easy to use, and social live chat functionality. Easy Social Share Buttons also known as social sharing plugins. In the same way, you can share more than 50 major social networks, including a wide range of mobile messenger. Easy social share button has more than 55 beautiful temples. It is recognized as the most powerful and features packed social sharing plugin by WordPress experts. Easy Social Share Buttons compatible with most of the web browser and devices.

Key Features of Easy Social Share Button

  • Feature-rich social sharing
  • Social followers counters
  • Subscribe to mailing list forms.
  • Facebook and Skype live chat
  • Analytics tools included.
  • Unique mobile experience.
  • Unique visual styles.
  • Optimize what is shared.
  • Lighting fast.
  • More than 50 social networks.
  • More than 55 different templates and button styles.
  • Eye-Catching animation and effects
  • 30+ display options.
  • Show buttons on different events.
  • Detail setup for educational
  • Mobile optimized the display.
  • Automatic pin button.
  • Unlimited design options
  • Optimized pin qauotes.
  • Pinable galleries.
  • Recover shares when you do URL change.
  • Different counter styles and design.
  • Internal share counters.
  • Different columns display.
  • Built-in color customization.

2. Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed – Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

Facebook Instagram Twitter feed is a popular WordPress social stream & grid gallery plugin. The plugin makes easier to share WordPress contents into different social networks platform. It is compatible with most of the web browsers and devices. Similarly, It is compatible with GDPR complaint.

Features of Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed Plugin

  • Connect popular social media in one click.
  • Seamless API connection.
  • Content moderation and Visual composer element.
  • Social sharing buttons, and all popular social networks.
  • Smart server catching, Cozy admin panel, and Lightbox gallery.
  • Responsive design, highly customizable, and shorting and search bar.
  • Enjoyable interaction
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram video support.

3. Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery – Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

Instagram feed WordPress Instagram Gallery is also the top Social Networking Plugins for WordPress. The plugin offers a choice of slider and grid layouts that allow implementing 99% of use-cases of displaying Instagram feed. Similarly, it displays just the images or the post info in the familiar Instagram style. In the same way, it is a standard social media pattern and Instagram style look to make sure that your visitors will get immersed in infinite photos scrolling. Instagram feed add special buttons to Instagram posts that allow a user to perform a target action you require while browsing the image in the popup.

Key Features of Instagram Feed.

  • Display Instagram photos from desire courses by determining any combination of public usernames, hashtags, locations or photo URLs.
  • Instashow gives you control over the gallery itself. As a result, You will be able to set its width, gutter, and the number of column and rows.
  • Retina ready, responsive breakpoints, and fully responsive.
  • The Instagram feed widget includes 8 adaptable parameters, allow you to shape the gallery in a perfect way.
  • Wrap your stunning images in the colorful Instagram feed. Just adjust the color you wish.
  • Popup displays posts complete with all Instagram account data,
  • Browse all the images in your gallery, your website visitor only has to open one image in the group.
  • More than 21 language supports.
  • WordPress shortcode generator.
  • Visual composer support and live update.
  • Set the appropriate time while the uploaded image is being cached in browser local storage.

4. Social Locker – Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

Social Locker for WordPress is in top Social Networking Plugins for WordPress because of its features. In this plugin, you can able to luck any content via the plugin. In the same way, the plugin provides 8 social buttons for all major social networks in the same interface. Similarly, it has built in advance analytics. The plugin also supports most of the web browsers and devices.

Key Features of Social Locker

  • You can lock any content on the website.
  • Users “PAY” with a like / tweet/ +1 to unlock.
  • Take advantages of all popular social networks.
  • Sign in buttons convert visitors to lead, get more clients.
  • Perform several actions per one click.
  • Blur make transparent or totally hide your content.
  • Track your results with built-in advanced analytics.
  • Fantastic customizability and attention-grabbing style & effects.
  • SEO friendly and optimized for mobile.
  • GDPR ready.

5. Facebook Likebox Slider – Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

Facebook likebox Slider for WordPress is social network plugins. It is also the top Social Networking Plugins for WordPress in codecanyon. It has preset slider sharing options. In the same way, the facebook likebox slider plugin has a multi-tab layout(small, medium, round). Likewise, It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices. Facebook likebox supports the Facebook stream, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Key features of Likebox Slider Plugin

  • Easy to install
  • 3 click configuration.
  • Language customization.
  • Many ready presets.
  • Left or right slide of the page.
  • Compatible with most of the devices and web browsers.
  • Light / dark color scheme and more features.

6. Pinterest Automatic Pin – Social Networking Plugins for WordPress

The Pinterest Automatic Pin is the Social Networking Plugins for WordPress. It pins images in your Pinterest account automatically. In the same way, Pinterest automatic detects images from your post then list them, where you can decide which images should be pinned. Similarly, Posts can be qued for pining in bulk. Likewise, The plugin queues images that are eligible for pinning in the queue and pin them separated by a random interval. All the pins are directly hyperlinked to your posts, so once any Pinterest user clicks on the pin, it redirects him to your post on your site.

Key Features of Pinterest Automatic Pin

  • Pin an unlimited number of images and bulk pin.
  • Automatic images and bords detection.
  • Queuing system and auto link pin to your post.
  • Default pin text and pin board.
  • Supports tags, and custom post types.
  • WooCommerce Support.
  • Detect images to pin from the front-end.
  • Specific WordPress category and tag Pinterest Board support.
  • Search and replace in image src link, pin link or pin tag.

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