Top WordPress Security Plugins

1. Hide My WP – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

Hide My WP plugin is the top WordPress security plugin. It displays the vulnerabilities details of the WordPress activities. Using the only intrusion detection and prevention system with customized rules for WordPress. In the same way, a firewall against almost any attack, no matter if it’s SQL injection, CSRF, XSS, read arbitrary files, and brutal force. Similarly, It hides the names of themes and plugins and also hides wp-login. Likewise, it displays how they hack you? which plugin did they use? how dangerous is that? where are they from?

Key Features of Hide My WP

  • Block direct access to PHP files.
  • Anti spam included.
  • Clean up WP classes.
  • Disable directory listing.
  • CSS and HTML minify.
  • Change default email sender.
  • Import and export settings.

2. Ultimate Tweaker For WordPress

Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress is also the top WordPress security plugin. Tweaker control your admin menu. Likewise, it organizes your menu to hide with the firewall. In the same way, It creates new items, customizes icon and color. Similarly, it changes the style of separators and more.

Key Features of Tweaker for WordPress

  • HTML Minifier removes all extra white-spaces and characters. In the same way, It makes relative URLs and Removes comments. As a result, your page will be lighter and faster to get.
  • It turns off the context menu, selection, and drag and drop.
  • Move any menu element to the place that you want.
  • The firewall detects that the current page is blocked and denies access.
  • Create your own menu, define page content or set URL to go any page.

3. Login Ninja

Login Ninja is the top WordPress security plugin. It protects login and registers forms with captcha. In the same way, It automatically bans IPs. Similarly, Login Ninja protects the site from brute-force login attacks.

Key Features of Login Ninja

  • Protect login and register forms with captcha.
  • Automatically bans IPS that brute-force attack you.
  • Detailed log of all login-related activities.
  • Get an email notification for all login events.
  • Protect the site from brute force login attacks.
  • Stop bots from registering.

4. User Activity Log PRO for WordPress

User Activity Log PRO for WordPress is the top WordPress security plugin to monitor the user activity. It monitors the freelancer, developer, blog author activities. Similarly, User Activity Log Pro track who has logged in with the site and when with IP address. Likewise, It tracks which IP address is targeting your login page.

Key Features of User Activity Log PRO

  • Displays the detail log of all activities.
  • Custom event log or hook to generate activity logs.
  • Displays user information details.
  • Displays favorite and unfavorite log.
  • Date and IP filtering options.
  • Shorting options with User, Email, IP, and log Type.
  • Customizable email template.
  • Email notification to admin and select users.
  • Export CSV file of log details.
  • Password Security that only authorizes user can delete log details.
  • Log reset option that we can reset all log details.
  • Hook selection option for the log.
  • Delete or backup logs and more features.

5. Block Double Logins – Protect Your Membership Site

Block double logins is also the top WordPress security plugin for WordPress. It stops the user from sharing their WordPress account. Similarly, Block double logins block users who hide behind proxies. In the same way, It blocks simultaneous login with the same account and also blocks simultaneous logins from the same IP.

Key Features of Double Logins

  • Block same WP account
  • In the same way, it blocks multiple accounts from the same IP
  • Block proxy hider users.
  • Adjust the session timeout.
  • Compatible with most of the themes.

6. 5 sec Google Authenticator 2-step Login Protection

5 sec Google Authenticator is also the top WordPress security plugin. It is 2 steps verification security protection system. In the same way, nobody can log in to your account without your phone. Without the verification code generated by google authenticator mobile app nobody login.

Key Features of 5 sec Google Authenticator 2- step Login Protection

  • Two-step protection.
  • Nobody login without your phone’s google authenticator code.
  • Complete brute-force attack protection.
  • Famous 5 sec concept for easy setup and use.
  • Protect yourself when you forget to click log out.

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