WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin Post from various source (almost any website) to WordPress automatically. WordPress Automatic Plugin easily imports from popular sites like Amazon, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Posts, Evanto items utilizing their from any websites of your choice using its scraping modules.

List of WordPress Automatic Plugin sources

  • Any web page to WordPress
  • RSS feeds to WordPress
  • Any website to WordPress
  • Amazon products to WordPress
  • eBay Products to WordPress
  • Walmart products to WordPress.
  • ClickBank Products to WordPress
  • Ezine articles to WordPress
  • iTunes to WordPress
  • SoundCloud sounds to WordPress
  • DailyMotion videos to WordPress
  • Vimeo videos to WordPress
  • Pinterest to WordPress
  • Reddit to WordPress
  • Flickr images to WordPress
  • Youtube videos to WordPress
  • Twitter to WordPress
  • Instagram to WordPress
  • Facebook to WordPress
  • Career Jet to WordPress
  • Envato to WordPress
  • Craiggslist listing to WordPress

Features of WordPress Automatic Plugin

  • Single Page can import from any URL
  • Any RSS feed for the plugin to copy the posts form any website.
  • You can also import full content, author, tags, categories and set the featured image.
  • Similarly, multi page scraper can import.
  • Supports pagination as a result you can import posts form almost any websites.
  • Full support WooCommerce support and affiliate links get automatically set.
  • During the import of content, you can also filter content.
  • Automatically import by keyword, hashtag or specific profile from social media sites.

User Reviews for WordPress Automatic Plugin

wow, what a great plugin! I searched so long for a plugin, that is really (!) GDPR ready: which really does not make any connections to any server than my own, not to a Facebook server, not to Instagram’s CDN. I checked this with the developer tools -> network analysis when my Instagram images have been automatically imported. Just perfect! Thank you!


For a novice such as myself, whose ambitious about the success of providing premium value for customers, Afef (and associates) have been stellar in making this experience as amazing as possible.


it do not works like what is being described, it do not scrape the contents and images as described by the author, the author is using words which have double meaning to explain the plugin, which means when you contact the author and complain about its working, he says I do not what to say this but real meaning is like this…………, so its poor quality plugin which will not serve your purpose so do not buy, I purchased it and when complain the author about about it, I got an email in which author explained me that its your mistake of understanding


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