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wpData Tables – Table and Chart Manager

wpData Tables is a table, chart, spreadsheets manager responsive plugin for WordPress. It is a perfect solution for embedding data in tables & charts for WordPress. Similarly, it is built to work with a MySQL database. wpData Tables compatible with most of the browser and devices. In the same way, It is like a spreadsheet Excel editing. More than 35 types of charts designs are available. You can also use the advance filter as per your requirement.

Key Features of wpData Tables

  • WPdataTables is built to work with MySQL databases.
  • You can show results out our queries, even when datasets have millions of rows.
  • It also can configure to work as a CRUD tool for MySQL tables.
  • Tables created with the wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive and can use on any device types.
  • You can choose which columns will be collapsed on tablets and mobiles.
  • wpDataTables have several built-in editing tools editor dialogues, in-line editing in the table, or a convenient Excel-like editor interface.
  • Each editor supports different controls such as dropdowns or date pickers.
  • You can also configure advanced filters for your table so that each column would have its own filter-Dropdown, checkbox, text input, date range picker, or other.
  • Manage Tables and Charts Easily.
  • Build tables without complicated configuration.
  • Easily creates Tables and charts without code.
  • 70% of users say that wpDataTables was easy to learn.
  • Customize tables and charts as you task requires
  • You can combine wpDataTables features as you wish to solve your unique use cases – from wine catalogues and business reports to scientific dashboards.
  • Get the power of a spreadsheet app in a WP plugin:
  • The amount of features that comes with wpDataTables out of the box beats all competition with no other plugin you get that much for the price.

More Features of wpData Tables

  • You buy once and get 6 months of included support and lifetime updates for free, even when the price will rise.
  • Generate Word or Excel documents in your WordPress in 1 click
    Report Builder instantly creates documents and spreadsheet filling your templates with actual data.
  • Create and manage tables from existing sources
  • Create tables manually with Table Constructor
  • Show totals in table footer
  • Show calculated values using Formula columns
  • Highlight cells and row based on cell values
  • Front-end or backend data editing
  • Automatically generated MySQL queries.
  • Allow users to edit only their own rows.
  • Import Excel, CSV or Google Spreadsheets to editable tables
  • Large datasets work quickly
  • Fully customizable design
  • Visual Composer is compatible.

User Review

The Database management system is very efficient and fast. The tables layout is not always intuitive and often disrupted by some theme. But the support is great and they were able to sort things out.

Thanks, guys.


Love this plugin, only wish I knew it existed earlier!

Most of the options were pretty clear cut, but had a couple of question which were answered quickly and professionally.

Looking forward to working with it more in depth going forward as i know there’s lots more that I will be able to do with it once I learn it better.

This is one of those gems that anyone who uses tables in WP needs!


This plugin is absolutely amazing! I’ve had one or two issue -they were me not fully understanding all the settings not bad coding by the developers and when I submitted a ticket it was handled and my problems resolved within a day. Fantastic service, Thanks so much!


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